Which Portable Generator Should You Have in Your Home?

Which Portable Generator Should You Have in Your Home?

For many property owners, it takes only one time to loss of power to bring quickly the purchase of a generator. If you’re wondering which ones are the best, read on.

Regardless if it’s a snowstorm or summer shower, when the power goes out you’ll need something dependable to aid in keeping you going until the power comes back on. Our dependence on electricity to power our smartphones, computers, and appliances is something we take for granted until it’s gone, even for just 24-hours. A portable generator is a solid short-term solution to get you back some power without the cost of a full-sized home generator. Here are our top picks for the best portable generators.

Overall Best: WEN 56200i

Weighting around 45 pounds, this is a good choice for portable generators and is an easy-to-recommend choice. Possessing a noiseless functioning level that is quieter than the normal volume output of two talking people, the WEN provides 2,000 surge watts and 1,600 running watts for powering your items and devices. With two three-prong inputs, one 12V input and one USB port, there is plenty of plugs to keep your appliances and portable electronics charged.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

It may feel deceitful to call the Champion Power Equipment 46539 a portable generator since it weighs over 120 pounds. Fortunately, the folding handle and never-flat tires help make this portable generator perfect for an outdoorsman or for use when the lights go out.

Yamaha EF2000iS

If you’re looking for a quiet portable generator, take a look at the Yamaha EF2000iS and its over decibel rating for the best merge of performance and size. Invertor generators draw power from a fixed DC source, most likely a car battery, which helps sustain the lessened noise levels comparative to big gasoline or propane-powered generators.

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