Truck Drivers Emergency Kit

Truck Drivers Emergency Kit

What things should truckers have in an emergency kit?

That depends on each trucker’s specific situation.

The Truck Chest

An all-season truck survival kit must do it all: aid you in sheltering in place or pull off a rescue on your own, whether you bog down in a blizzard or overheat your transmission in a desert wilderness.

Pack It In

Jumper cables are just one of the many tools that you might need if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

Rubbermaid’s 24-gallon ActionPacker is durable enough to stand on, with lockable latches and a true watertight lid.

A quickly needed truck repair kit should have replacement parts and plenty of tools to MacGyver your way home. Check out the auto store for repairing broken metal braces and fixing an oil pan and hose-repair tape, two wire hangers and a tire reamer-plugger, duct tape, parachute cord, Fix-a-Flat, and jumper cables.

Tools and parts are important but don’t forget the food. Venison jerky and some freeze-dried meals can keep you filled while you wait for the rescue team.

A couple of gallons of drinking water to keep you hydrated will make a breakdown more endurable.

A tarp will shed rain while you fix a punctured tire, offer shade in the desert, work as a makeshift sleeping bag, or gather rainwater for emergency drinking water. It’s the multi-tasker of a truck kit.

Stuck in a Ditch

Getting your truck out of the ditch is typically job No. 1. Kitty litter can dive just enough bite in moderate snow cover. Still spinning? Get out with Gerber’s E-Tool, a military-grade folding shovel with a heavy-duty pick and serrated blade. A devoted recovery strap is not like a tow strap—it stretches to aid in snatching stuck vehicles. There are no metal hooks that can be a real injury hazard. A two-ton cable puller could be the last resort.

Roadside flares not only warn other drivers to a ­broken-​down vehicle but also work as emergency fire starters ­and signaling devices.



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