Top Hammers in the Market (Part V)

Top Hammers in the Market (Part V)

This hammer is good for jobs around the house.

The Original Pink Box PB12HM

The Original Pink Box PB12HM 12 oz Claw Hammer is a great tool for those who want a dependable hammer to help get small jobs around the house done. The hammer has a 12-ounce head that is good for quick repairs and little DIY jobs around the house. The tool is light in weight and easy to use for long periods of time, making it a perfect starting tool for folks who aren’t used to working with their hands.

Also, the Original Pink Box PB12HM 12 oz Claw Hammer has a fiberglass handle that is more than able of reducing the vibrations created by your work. You’ll be able to handle any simple fix that comes your way with this dependable tool, making it one of the top investments for homeowners who want to keep tools close at hand.

You’ll be able to work reliably with this tool regardless of your experience with hands-on work thanks to the light 12-ounce weight of the head and be able to complete your work in no time. 

Stiletto TI14MC Titan

The Stiletto TI14MC Titan Titanium Framing Hammer is the top tool for contractors who need a dependable tool to rely on when they work at their job sites. This tool is made of only the best materials and works well for folks who want a tool for heavy and consistent work. The tool is best for those who want a tool that will be capable to push through a workload without causing them to get tired or fatigued quickly. It is very light in weight.

Even though the tool can maintain this lightweight, the force that it produces is like a 24-ounce steel headed hammer. This is possible since the head of the tool is made from titanium. Titanium is lighter than steel and is also less likely to make vibrations that are challenging for contractors.


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