Top Camping Stoves (Part I)

Top Camping Stoves (Part I)

Biscuits aren’t the only thing on the menu for your camping trip with these camping stoves.

Camping may mean roughing it, at least a little. However, you don’t have to live on beans and biscuits. You can purchase camping stoves that may be nicer than the stove in the standard American apartment, though the wealth of choices available might overwhelm you. 

There’s something for every budget and use in this list, regardless if you want a compact way to cook up eggs and bacon for two or need something vastly powerful to boil a cauldron of stew for a troop of hungry scouts.

Best Overall

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Coleman’s famous green camp stove has been a staple of campgrounds for years. It’s well crafted, sturdy on a table, and just works excellently. It’s not the mightiest stove, and it lacks frills such as push-button ignition, but it’s able to hold a low flame, simmer soups, and cook scrambled eggs without browning them. Besides, it’s very sturdy. 

To extend the life of your Coleman Classic, always make sure to wipe up spills and keep it clean. Older types have a different burner design that didn’t clog quickly. But as long as you keep the burners clean, this version will last a very long time.


Eureka Spire LX 2-Burner Camp Stove

Eureka’s Spire LX has the best of both worlds. It possesses two 10,000-BTU burners basically identical to the Coleman but delivers plenty of space for side-by-side 12-inch pans. Also, it has an output nozzle that lets you link a JetBoil stove for a third burner. This nice extra denotes you can make another pot of coffee and cook the bacon and eggs all at the same time. The JetBoil add-ons, such as the Luna Satellite Burner, are sold separately. The biggest problem you will have with the Spire LX is finding one to buy. 


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