Tools to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business (Part II)

Tools to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business (Part II)


Trimmer, edger, blower and hedge trimmer. The trimmer is used to get to grass that grows in places the mower can’t get to such as around mailbox posts or trees. An edger eliminates the grass that grows over the edge of sidewalks, driveways, and other borders.

A backpack blower is for directing stray clippings back onto the lawn. Lastly, a hedge trimmer puts the final touches on your stately borders. A commercial electric model can be a pain since you have to look around for an outside electrical outlet. You may want to pick up a cordless rechargeable model instead, which you can get at a home improvement store.

Landscaping requirements

Here are some basic tools you might need to work on flower beds, gardens, berms and other areas as a lawn care professional:

There are many tools needed to provide the best landscaping service for your clients.


Digging Tools

Pick: for piercing

Mattock: for cutting and chopping roots

Hoses: 50-footers are typical

Dandelion tool: a chisel-like tool that can fit in your pants pocket

Pointed and square-edged shovels: for breaking up loose earth

Spade: for digging up just about anything

Spading fork: square-tined implement that doesn’t bend or lose its shape

Hoe: long-handled for cultivating; scuffle hoe for chopping weeds


Cutting Tools

Pruning saw: for getting in between branches

Hedge shears: the low-tech manual ones for shap­ing topiaries, gas or electric shears for hedges

Commercial tool and blade sharpener: to keep edges neat and sharp

Pruners: with a sheath

Loppers: for cutting off heavy branches


Marking Tools

Chalk wheel: for making temporary lines

Flagging tape: for surveying, mapping, tagging, and other marking applications

Marking paint applicator: a tool used to put down lines on concrete, grass or many other surfaces


According to the experts, if you’re purchasing everything new, a $5,000 to $6,000 budget will cover the costs of your essential tools.

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