Tools to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business (Part I)

Tools to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business (Part I)

If you’ve always had a knack for taking care of your own lawn, you might already have the maintenance equipment to get your lawn care business off the ground. But you might need bigger, newer, and more powerful tools. After all, this is a serious business you’ll be running, and serious businesses require serious tools.

Lawn care requirements

Let’s get down with the get down. To get going in the lawn care business, you’ll have to have numerous pieces of equipment. Here are a few:

Lawn mowers, the main primary tool for your lawn care business.

Lawnmowers: There’s a huge array of commercial lawn mowers on the market. Today, many are self-propelled, a feature you’ll highly appreciate after you’ve spent hours crisscrossing acres of green grass under the hot sun. Mowers usually come with very helpful attachments and things such as mulchers and side catchers that can make your work easier.

And for bigger projects, a riding mower is a necessity. Also, you’ll want a standard walk-behind model in your arsenal for smaller jobs and hills. Be sure you get a mower with a floating deck if you want to mow hills. The decks float to hug turf contours and deliver a wonderful, finished cut.

Snow removal equipment. If you decide to offer snow removal service, you’ll need a snowplow for your truck or a snow blade for your lawnmower.

Spreaders and sprayers. Even if your desire is to stick to mowing, it’s a solid idea to provide fertilizing as one of your basic services. For that, you need to have a broadcast granular spreader, which, as the name indicates, disperses the fertilizer in a huge arc.

To kill weeds growing in cracks in the sidewalk or driveway, buy an herbicide sprayer. If you’re working on properties bigger than half an acre, the four-gallon backpack sprayer is your best bet.

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