Tools to Build a House

Tools to Build a House

Building a house necessitates a vast selection of tools. You will find yourself in need of specific tools as you make your way in the long process. Some basic toolbox items such as pliers, hammers, and screwdrivers are going to be needed nearly every step of the way. Be sure you have these vital tools on hand before you go from the architect’s drawing board to your piece of land.

There are a few necessary tools that you’ll need to build the house of your dreams.

Measuring Tools

Measurement can be either the devil or savior of your house building plan. You will be measuring depth, length, width, angle, verticals, and horizontals as you build your home. Therefore, invest in the most precise measuring tools you can. Among the most helpful tools for homebuilding measurement needs are a steel tape measure, a bench rule, a mason’s rule, carpenter’s square, combination square, level, plumb bob, chalk line, and depth gauge.


Carpentry tools are needed for both interior and exterior woodwork. Even if you are building a brick house, you will still want to invest in high-quality saws. Invest in a top-quality handsaw for cutting large panels or planks. A backsaw is best for cutting a tenon and other joints. A dovetail saw is best for cutting very fine joints.

Power Tools

Power tools will allow you to get away with not purchasing a series of saws and aid in making the process of building a house go way faster, especially for those who will be using exterior wood. A portable circular saw can be a real time-saver since you can change the blade to suit numerous purposes.

Connect a metal cutting blade to saw effectively through brass, aluminum, and copper. Carbide tipped blades are good for cutting particle board. Abrasive disks will even let you cut marble and wall blocks. Other vital power tools are drills, a router, and a lathe.

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