Tools Needed to Build Your Own Computer

Tools Needed to Build Your Own Computer

You don’t need a costly toolkit to build your own computer, but there are a couple of electronics tools that you’re required to have. All of these can be easily bought online or at almost any computer store.

You might already have some of these tools. If not, then the simplest way to get the necessary tools is to buy a computer repair tool kit that has all the tools you’ll need. It also has a handy carrying case to keep everything organized.

As with all tools, you should buy top-quality computer tools that are affordable. Good tools last longer and make the job simpler. All computer tools must be non-magnetized.

You should have, at a minimum, the following tools:

Screwdrivers and nut drivers. You should have small- and medium-sized Phillips and flat screwdrivers and a 1/4″ nut driver.

Needle nose pliers are really helpful when it comes to working with the intricate wires of a computer.

Needle-Nosed Pliers or Forceps. Very little forceps, needle-nosed pliers, or tweezers are quite handy for inserting and removing jumpers on motherboards and hard drives.

Cable Ties. Plastic cable ties are helpful for neatly bundling wires and cables away from fans and other components inside the computer.

Anti-Static Kit. An anti-static kit has a rubberized mat and a wrist strap that connects to both the mat and the computer or electronic device you’re working on. This protects the equipment from static damage and shields your tabletop from scratches.

Heat Sink Compound. Heat sink compound enhances the thermal efficiency of heat sinks and enhances cooling. It sometimes comes with processor fans or heat sinks but may also be bought separately.

Canned Air or Canless Air Duster. Canned air or a canless air duster air is to blow dust out of the nooks and crannies of your computer. Never blow into a computer with your lips to get rid of dust. Your breath has too much moisture (and maybe other things depending on what you ate for dinner). Additionally, never use a household vacuum cleaner nozzle to clean your computer. They create way too much static.

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