Tools for Your Garage Workshop

Tools for Your Garage Workshop

A residence just isn’t complete without some sort of workshop, a devoted workspace where you can drill, lube, cut, pound, file, glue, or paint whenever you want to, without fear of dust going everywhere or bad fumes killing your pets. A garage workshop necessitates a sturdy bench or work surface, a basic set of hand tools, power tools, and a few handy materials to lessen trips to the hardware store.

Garage Workshop Space

The ultimate garage workshop includes a variety of tools.

Regardless of its size, a garage workshop has four vital elements: light, work surface, ventilation, and storage. Deal with the work surface first. A heavy lumber bench with a changeable plywood or particleboard top is perfect. Be sure the top hangs over the base a few inches so you can clamp to it. If you’re short on space, think about a flip-up bench (mounted to the wall) or a portable setup with two foldable sawhorses and a sheet of plywood.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the heart and soul of a garage workshop. Like cooking utensils and kitchen knives, they’re what you need more so than power equipment. It’s good to have complete sets of tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches, but this typically isn’t necessary.

Steel ruler (best with square, flush end; standard and metric scales)

Phillips screwdrivers (#1, #2, #3)

Slotted screwdrivers (a few sizes)

Adjustable wrench

Socket wrench set (standard and metric)

Allen wrench sets (standard and metric)

Hammer (16-ounce carpenter’s finish hammer, with straight claw)

Slip-joint pliers

Tongue-and-groove pliers (Channel-locks)

Needlenose pliers

Utility knife

Carpenter’s pencil

Speed square or combination square

2-foot level

25-foot tape measure

Metal file

Putty knife

Flat pry bar

Wood chisels (a few sizes)

Cold chisel

Wire strippers

Aviation snips or tin snips

Non-contact voltage tester

Handsaw (for wood)


Clamps (alligator-type and squeeze-type bar clamps)

25-foot and 50-foot extension cords

Safety glasses, ear protection, dust mask

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