Tools for Your DIY Roofing Project

Tools for Your DIY Roofing Project

Tools for installing composite shingle or asphalt roofing include several items that can be found in your everyday home workshop or toolbox. Most roofing tools are affordable and available at any hardware, home center or lumberyard store. While a few power tools can quicken the job, they aren’t vital for tearing off an existing roof or for installing a new one.

Tools like this one can aid in your roof repair project.

Roofing Hammer

A roofing hammer is an essential roofing tool. This special hammer has an adjustable gauge that allows for the rapid alignment of shingles at the right exposure.

Roofing Shovel

A roofing shovel eases the job of ripping off old roofing material.

Pry Bars

Numerous designs of pry bars make fast work of pulling roofing nails.

Framing Square

A framing square is a right-angle measuring tool that helps in keeping roof improvements aligned and straight as well as used in precision cuts.

Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is used for roofing repairs that need roofing cement or sealant. The caulking gun is typically a better choice for doing this sort of work than a self-contained tube of squeezed caulk since you have better control of the dispensation of the cement when you want to stop it from creating messes.

Hammer Tacker

A hammer tacker is a hammer-like staple gun that put staples in with a quick slap of the tool head onto the material. It’s much quicker than your typical staple gun for installing building paper on a new roof.


Cutting roofing materials means buying a couple of saws. A circular saw works best for basic cuts in plywood or OSB sheathing and other wood materials. A reciprocating saw is your best choice for rough demolition and cutting in little spaces.

Cleanup Tools

A lawn rake, a push broom and a large-scoop shovel help in the cleanup of roofing work. When building or repairing roofs, there will be plenty of demolition trash which must be cleaned completely os no one steps on a roofing nail.

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