Tools for Self-Defense

Tools for Self-Defense

Understanding a few things about martial arts for self-defense is good. But there will be times you will need more to protect yourself against criminals. These self-defense tools can give you time and can even save your life.

Yoogo Self Defense Keychain: this is a keychain constructed to get you out of trouble. It safeguards your hand on impact and can hurt assailants too.

Griffin GRIP for Self-Defense: a hidden pressure point control device that you can put on body pressure points as a force multiplier. It has an discreet design but assists you in controlling difficult situations when attacked.

Zap Stun Cane for Self-Defense: a walking cane with a stun gun and a brilliant LED flashlight. It adjusts from 32″ to 36″.

ZAP Hike and Strike: a stun gun hiking stick with a stun gun and a flashlight. It opens to 56″ and aids you in defending yourself when hiking.

FAB Defense Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool: a helpful tool that can be hidden in your hat but get you out of a bad situation when you are attacked. You can use it to slice or stab, buying yourself some time.

ARMA 100 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tool: a non-lethal weapon that can halt assailants from bringing you harm. It can put any attacker down. The device uses nitrogen to deliver a blow.

ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun: constructed as a self-defense tool for runners or anyone else who wants protection. It has a rubber-coated action grip handle and a safety switch.

Brutus Self Defense Keychain: built with impact resistant plastic mold, this tool can be attached to your keys and helps you protect yourself against assailants.

Personal Self Defense Military Bundle: this bundle has a few low-key covert tools that allows you to block attacks and hit an assailants with full force.


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