Tools Every Woman Should Own

Tools Every Woman Should Own

Regardless if you’re beginning to perform DIY projects or you’re a real handywoman around the house, here’s the tools all women should own.

Tape Measure
You’ll want to keep one of these around for numerous projects, like measuring walls for painting projects, sizes for wood cuts, or hanging pictures. Make sure to buy a long metal one, at least 25ft.

Plier Set
Good tool to take out stripped screws, but it can also help with any type of pulling, stripping wire, or pinching. It can even bend metal.

Screwdriver Set
You can fix anything (well, almost) with this basic tool. It’s a great idea to buy a set with numerous Philips and flathead sizes so you can manage most DIY home maintenance jobs all on your own. Also, buy a set that has smaller screwdrivers for those special jobs.

Hammer and Mallet Set
I’m sure most of you have a hammer at home. However, invest in a nice claw hammer. This will help you drive nails but also get rid of the bent ones. It can also remove nails if you’ve made a mistake.

You need a hammer to hang artwork or construct some ready-to-assemble furniture or manage woodworking projects. Mallets are good for a softened strike, like when putting shimming wood boards into place.

Staple Gun
You can use a staple gun any time for reupholstering furniture, creating wood box valances, and any DIY projects around the home.

Tool Bag and Tool Box
You’ll want a place to put all your handy tools. A big one on rollers is good to move around your garage, workshop, or basement. You can also buy a tool bag for tools that you use most often so you can get at them at a moment’s notice. It makes it easy to move around from room to room.

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