The Future of Locksmithing

The Future of Locksmithing

One of the first ethics of brilliant locksmithing that is learned as apprentices are “good enough is always good enough.” That’s the concept that can bring a third or even fourth deadbolt to the door. However, that doesn’t make the door any more secure than a door with just one deadbolt.

As master locksmiths have said for years and teach to their apprentices, “Give a customer everything he needs and only what he needs.”

This saying is powerful. It tells locksmiths to provide as much value as they can, but not to add unnecessary costs and layers of security. Why? So, they have a healthy profit margin but still have a safe, happy, lifelong customer.

Changes in the Locksmith Industry

The type of tasks that locksmiths perform has changed over time.

Though, good enough keeps changing. The line in the sand that showed how much to sell is drifting in a stunning direction. Today’s customers don’t simply want a lock change on an office door. They desire an access control system using a fingerprint or eye scan. This indicates a big transformation in the future of locksmithing.

From the customer’s standpoint, the service offered by locksmiths just isn’t good enough. Customers (as a matter of fact, lots of them) have doors in multiple buildings in multiple locations. Some of the doors use keys. Some use HID card readers. Besides the doors, there are guard desks, parking lots, and front desks. So, there are numerous folks with key cards, metal keys, and ID badges.

Therefore, in order to resolve the customer’s entire issue, a locksmith has to take into consideration every component. For example, contractors and employees have specific privileges. A customer has plenty of people doing plenty of things; he needs a simple way to manage it. At the end of the day or end of the month, he requires a report stating who did what so that he can review it to see that the security program is working as expected and resolve issues.


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