The Best Stair Gates for Kids

The Best Stair Gates for Kids

Just like the name says, stair gates stops little people from trying to climb your stairs. As a parent, you need eyes in the back of your head to watch your child at all times. Truthfully, this isn’t always achievable.

A stair gates not only stop your kid from tearing up your second floor, it keeps your little one from leaving you any unpleasant surprises. If you want to know which stair gates are at the top of the class, read on!

Cardinal Gates Wrought Iron Décor Gate

Cardinal Gates Wrought Iron Décor Gate keeps your child right where you want him or her to be. And it looks good doing the job. Made with wrought iron, it brings functionality and style to any space. If you are an idiot when it comes to installing anything, you will be happy this baby is easy to set up.

Parents are always multi-tasking, so you can close and open this gate with one hand, as it swings in both direction. There is a bracket to stop the gate from opening over the stairs. We like to call this gate the “Uh, uh, I don’t think so” gate.

This is a good product to keep your child out of areas you don’t want her or him to be in. This one also has an adjustable width and you can open it with one hand, thanks to a dependable lever.

The Regalo

The Regalo Top of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate isn’t as attractive as the previous one, but it does the job. It is built with heavy-duty metal, and it is very durable. When your child is pissed off at you from keep him or her confined to the first floor and decides to give the gate a good, strong push…nothing.

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