The Best Bike Tools to Have at Home (Part III)

The Best Bike Tools to Have at Home (Part III)

Keep those bike tires pumped.

Lezyne Steel Bicycle Floor Pump

The Lezyne Steel Floor Pump is an excellent bike pump which makes pumping up the bike tires easier. It can go all the way up to 220psi if necessary, for track bikes. It’s compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves and delivers a true tire pressure gauge reading.

Feedback Sports Bicycle Work Stand

A bike work stand is for you to safely and easily mount your bike while you’re working on it, regardless if it’s for maintenance or washing.

With this work stand, your bike sits on it instead of being clamped on the top tube or seat post which could possibly crack if you’re not careful, particularly with carbon.

They fit all types of bikes from CX to road bikes, mountain bikes, and track bikes.

Tools Quality vs Quantity

Tools Quantity

Everyone has various levels of expertise when it comes to bike maintenance and repairs. Your repair tool kit has to reflect your expertise levels. There’s no point in purchasing a whole bunch of tools you aren’t going to use.

A good beginning point is to find a tool kit that can do numerous jobs on your bike. But there is nothing wrong with purchasing individual tools either.

If you know you’re going to need a lot of tools, there will be a point where it would be better to get a toolset instead of individual tools. Be real about what you can’t and can do on your bike.

Tools Quality

We all realize quality tools last a long time, but they aren’t cheap.

On the flip side, cheap tools tend to either break quickly and can harm the nuts and bolts on your bike. If they feel weak at the start, odds are they’ll get terrible after four or five times of using it.

Have a look at the tool and gage its build quality. Then ask yourself if it’s strong enough to do the job required overtime. The more frequent you have to use it, the better quality it must be. 

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