The Best Bike Tools to Have at Home (Part II)

The Best Bike Tools to Have at Home (Part II)

A torque wrench is an essential component of your bike tool kit.

Venzo Torque Wrench

A torque wrench stops you from tightening nuts more than the manufacturers’ recommendation. Nothing is worse than over-rotating nuts on carbon and then breaking them accidentally.

It has a user-adjustable torque range, covering everything you need for the bike from stem to bottom bracket bolts. When it gets to the pre-set torque value, it has a noticeable click sound.

Oumers Cassette Removal Tool

You can simply swap out the bike cassette at home and save a trip to your local bike shop with this tool.

It comes in two pieces, a cassette lockring tool, and a chain whip to take off the lock ring before you can remove the cassette. They can be used on all sorts of cassette lock rings like SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo.

Oumers Chain Breaker

This is a simple and helpful tool to have at home when you have to change your bike chain. With the chain breaker, you can do it at home instead of taking your bike to the shop and save some money. 

If you ride a lot, you’ll most likely need a new chain every four or five months, or possibly every four to eight weeks if you ride as many miles as the pros do.

Park Tool Chain Cleaner

This is by far the most effective, well-liked, and hassle-free chain cleaner around. All you have to do is run the chain backwards through the cleaner with the chain cleaner inside. There are many mini brushes inside the cleaner which scrub the chain from all directions, and you’ll have a shiny and clean chain in under two minutes.

Park Tool Pedal Wrench

Most adjustable wrenches are too wide to fit on the pedal axle to loosen and tighten them.

This pedal wrench possesses a slim profile and offers lots of leverage to take off the tightest of all pedals. It’s helpful if you ride a lot with your bike and the bike bag necessitates the pedals be removed for packing.

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