The 411 on Assist Opening Knives

The 411 on Assist Opening Knives

What is an Assisted Opening Knife?

An assisted opening knife is a folding knife that uses an internal mechanism to completely open when you push a flipper or thumb stud. An assisted opening knife is at times confused with a switchblade. A switchblade will completely open when you push on a lever or button. An assisted opening knife won’t entirely come out until you release it to some extent and then the spring pushes the blade out of the handle, either on the side or in front.

Tac Force TF-705GY Tactical Assisted Opening Folding Knife

Over and over, people who have bought the Tac Force TF-705GY Tactical Assisted Opening Knife say that it works more like an pricey assisted opening knife. This knife might be inexpensive in price, but it is certainly not cheap in quality. It has a half-serrated, stainless steel, black blade that is sharp and ready for use from the get go. It opens with a thumb slot and has a long tang with a lashing hole.

Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe Knife

Kershaw spring assisted knives are known for technology, quality, and innovation. This Kershaw assisted folding knife has an extra-thick tanto style blade for strong piercing abilities. This is seen mostly in rescues and tactical knives when cutting through strong materials might become necessary. Also, the Kershaw 1990 Brawler makes a good utility knife.

Tac Force TF-469 Gentlemen’s Assisted Opening Knife

The first thing you will note about this Tac Force assisted opening knife that distinguishes it from others is the tasteful wood handle. Made with pakkawood, it is the one to carry with you for daily use. Along with the sturdy wood handle, there is a black, stainless steel blade of three inches that comes to you extremely sharp and ready to use.

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