Teaching Your Teenager About Auto Maintenance (Part II) 

Teaching Your Teenager About Auto Maintenance (Part II) 

Get familiar

Open the hood of your car and find out where fluids are and what levels they must be. This education also ables teen drivers to speak knowledgeably with any auto mechanic or technician regarding their car’s needs.

Check, check, check

Keeping a check on your tires and what goes on behind them frequently will keep you riding smoothly.

Check fluid levels and tire air pressure every week. Put a penny into your tire’s tread. If you can see the whole head of Lincoln, it’s time for new tires. Check wiper blades and belts as well. They’ll feel rough and worn if either should be replaced.

Filter and rotate

The air filter will look filthy when it needs to be changed. A clean filter enhances gas mileage. In addition, get the tires rotated every two to three oil changes to eliminate uneven wear on the tread.

Be battery diligent

Dead batteries are the #1 roadside assistance emergency calls. Baking soda and warm water poured over the connection and cleaned with a brush dissipate corrosion,” which is what messes with battery performance. Get the battery strength tested with every oil change.

Put on the brakes

Teach your teen to never pour in the brake fluid. Let the folks at the car care place do it. You don’t want to mess with the brake system.

Don’t get suspended

“If your car bounces, bottoms out, or wanders, the suspension should be checked. During braking, if the steering wheel severely vibrates or pulls, the brakes and alignment must be checked. It’s just a matter of getting to know your car’s usual behavior and paying attention to any changes in the norm.

Explain Car Problems 

Finally, since you’re not going to be able to fix every problem with your car on your own, bring your teen with you to the auto center when you get work done. They probably won’t be able to watch the service be done, but the technician can help tell what’s causing the problem.

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