Teaching Your Teenager About Auto Maintenance (Part I)

Teaching Your Teenager About Auto Maintenance (Part I)

If you have a teenager at home or if you have had one in the past, then you know that when it comes to driving they are only thinking of one thing…getting behind the wheel.

However, there’s lots of upkeep that comes along with being liable for a set of wheels. Here is what you need to teach your teen about what’s beneath the hood.

Car maintenance costs can frequently make a cash-strapped teen forgo much-needed repairs, but hundreds of trouble-free miles only happen when a vehicle is well-kept. Here are some rules to teach your teen when it comes to car maintenance.

Monitor gauges

Checking your fluids often is necessary to keep your car in good health.

Watch the gas level and keep your tank adequately filled in severe weather. If the “check engine” light comes on and you keep on driving, the engine can freeze up, requiring lots of money in repair work. Teach your teen to really read the owner’s manual and become acquainted with the various lights that may flash for service.

Oil Change

Additives in modern engine oil that diminish engine wear-and-tear break down enormously after 2,500 miles and change engine performance. People don’t want plaque in their arteries. Likewise, you don’t want sludge in your car. The bottom line: don’t slack when it comes to oil changes which should happen around every 90 days.

Eyeball the pros

Make sure you get what you pay for and stay with your ride for basic engine care and oil changes.

Your teen will discover which parts are routinely checked and ultimately realize if he/she is dealing with a superior or subpar repair business.

Illuminate yourself

Besides the horn, vehicle lights are the only way to communicate with others. At night and every week, your teen should check all the lights, including front and rear signals, high and low beams, back-up and brake lights.


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