Steel Baton: A Great Self-Defense Tool (Part II)

Steel Baton: A Great Self-Defense Tool (Part II)

Steel Batons Hide Easily

Unlike pepper spray, tasers, hand guns, or other self-defense tools, a steel baton is easy to hide.

Self Defense & Confidence

Other Self Defense Tools are Hard to Conceal

Handguns aren’t the only self-defense tools that are hard to conceal.

Pepper spray, though easy to hide and small, can accidentally spray if you aren’t careful. Some tasers are bulky. Like pepper spray, it can accidentally harm you if not carried accurately.

Knives can clearly harm the person carrying them if they aren’t camouflaged in a large sheath.

A Steel Baton Doesn’t Require Care or Maintenance

A steel baton is a fundamental maintenance-free self-defense weapon.

You’ll don’t ever have to fret about reloading it, charging it, or cleaning it, as well as examining it for an expiration date.

Your steel baton will be as useful 15 years after you purchased it as the day it was placed in your hands.

If you are equipping yourself as a precaution, and don’t feel that you have to use your weapon frequently, a low-maintenance tool is the perfect choice.

There’s isn’t any need to waste tons of your energy learning how to use and care for a difficult weapon. Also, you don’t have to make sure that you are schooled and prepared to use it.

It’s Effective

This is the reason why police officers have a baton with their guns.

A steel baton is a truly effective weapon when it comes to defending yourself in hand-to-hand combat. With a little bit of exertion, even without training, anybody can do real damage to an attacker with a baton.

If you’ve pounded a hammer, swung a bat, or hit someone with a pillow, you have the movements down. Even if your attacker is bigger than you, you can still put a real hurting on him or her with a steel baton.

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