Some of the Basics

Some of the Basics

Basic Tools

Toolset determines the efficiency of any mechanic. Skills and knowledge would find no purpose devoid of toolset. Any type of mechanic needs a particular set of tools to deal with work for most part. We have taken up the task of making initial investment easy to manage for beginner level mechanics through our detailed introduction to basic mechanic tools. We have compiled the list of the most basic tools here, which would aid professional mechanics and weekend home mechanics too.


Even beginners and amateurs have wrenches in their tool box. Nevertheless not everyone has the required quality set like professionals. If you live in the west side of the world, consider buying the Craftsman set. Firstly it has better quality and secondly they come with lifetime warranties. If you are still doing the constant debate of choosing between metric and standard sets, remember standard sets hardly come to use.


safety-glassesSafety Glasses:

Deceivingly, this is the most needed tool for DIY mechanics as well as professionals. You would not want to take chance with your good vision. When in doubt opt for high impact safety glasses over basic impact ones. If you often work at hazardous settings, choose high impact goggles since they give better protection.



Assorted set of pliers


You would have known, how often needle nose pliers comes to the rescue in most DIY situations. If you deal with electronics alongside mechanics, you need pliers most frequently. From fastening a wire to gripping them to working on a dropped screw in tight space, you need to take out the pliers from your toolbox.




Flat and Phillips set screw drivers are the most basic tools in a mechanic’s toolset. You need an additional assortment of thickness and length as well. Different gauges makes you equipped for all sorts of repair and construction. For tight spaces, you need stubbed screwdrivers. It’s good to have Torx and flathead screwdrivers to the mix.



As barbaric as it may sound, hammer is still a handy tool any day. Knocking out a stuck component is what a hammer does most often than not. Ball Pein hammer is commonly used and is so effective at brake work. Rubber mallet is used to deliver a beating to the surface.




Cordless drills give you high levels of speed, portability and power to handle. In this century, the corded drills are replaced in almost every toolbox. Additionally clutches are available to disconnect drive mechanism when required.



combination squareCombination square:

It’s a precision tool which demands specific skillset and good eyes. This tool is highly versatile and totally accurate. Primary uses of combination square include marking, testing squareness around corners, etc.… While buying, test its accuracy by marking line at right angle to straightedge.



Spray Lube:WD-40

Most often than not, you get to deal with squeaking equipment as a mechanic. Spray lube comes in handy to fix such issues. It helps removing adhesives, loosening tight bolts and cleaning machine parts. There are tons of good spray lube products out there as many are their day to day applications. We would recommend Jig-a-loo or WD-40 lubes any day.


measuring tapeTape Rule:

Spring loaded measuring tape combines speed and compactness for elegant use. Press its tip at the point of intersection and roll north to measure height of ceiling. It’s strong enough to measure a few feet horizontally in air, when extended. The standard 25 feet model is sufficient for construction works. Though it’s effective, it’s compact to fit in your pocket.


wrenchesCombination wrench:

It would feel awesome to just own this kind of hybrid tool. It’s a peculiar combination where you have an open end on one side and box end on other. Its covered with shiny chrome and got no moving parts. It’s just a treasure to have this kind of tool in your toolbox.



With years of practice, you would notice frequently updating your tool set is mandatory. Skillful hands and efficient toolset is the key to success of any mechanic. Toolset pays for itself, when you learn how to use them. It would be useful to have the basic mechanics tools as a homeowner. Home repairs are often done the DIY way. If you put a little effort in learning the tools, saving a few thousands through the years is real prospect.


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