Quietest Leaf Blowers: Reviews and Buying Guide (Part II)

Quietest Leaf Blowers: Reviews and Buying Guide (Part II)

Ditch the noise and the leaves. 

EGO 110 MPH 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower

This is a good product when it comes to quiet leaf blowers. Some people like EGO more than other leaf blowers thanks to its quietness, turbine technology, and changeable speed system.

It works cordless too. This lets owners enjoy more flexibility.

It’s quiet and delivers sound performance at just 64dBA. The brushless motor has to be credited. It works with less shaking and vibrations. Because of this, the motor lasts for a longer period of time compared to its peers.

It has to have some appeal to it. Gratefully, manufacturers understand this and have provided this leaf blower with an ergonomic shape. Therefore, it is quite comfortable to work with.

Moreover, this little device is weather resistant. EGO created a machine for any season. This little machine delivers a maximum airspeed of up to 110mph. If you want to clean little spaces of your garden and home, this is the speed count to go with. 

How to Choose A Noiseless Leaf Blower?

Choosing a leaf blower isn’t like playing eenie meenie miney moe and pointing your fingers at a random product. The selection must be a process.

Leaf blowers shouldn’t be too bulky or big for you to carry. Large units weigh more and frequently the user has to move them around while they work. 

There are backpack leaf blowers. People typically transport them around on their backs and use the nozzle to steer with their hands.

That’s why most people prefer cordless units. These items can be used with just one hand. The corded units are made with a bigger leash of a cord.

Cordless leaf blowers need recharging. Though, you get the treat of having an extra battery pack at hand in your time of need. 


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