Must-Have Camping Tools

Must-Have Camping Tools

When you’re getting ready for a camping trip, you usually thinking about convenience. You’ll have trash bags,

Camp with the right tools

biodegradable soap, lighter fluid, and many other things. However, numerous campers inadvertently forget to bring must-have camping tools with them when they start out. If you leave for a camping trip without packing these things, you’re in for a tough time.


A knife can be used to prepare food, cut cords, and build a fire.

Multi-purpose knives are a great choice for campers. However, don’t purchase an inexpensive multi-purpose knife or you’ll get irritated the first time that you need to do a precision job like gutting a fish.
Look for a top-quality knife created explicitly for camping and read lots of reviews before buying one.


Your knife can’t do it all. So, a solid axe has many purposes on a camping trip.

You can use the axe to slice through wood to make a fire or to clear away brush on a hike. Also, you can use the blunt side of the axe when you’re putting up your tent or doing any other job that necessitates a hammer. Again, don’t be cheap. Get a high-quality axe made purposely for camping and make sure to put your axe away each evening to avoid rusting.


Most campers bring their phones or other electronics for the camping trip. We suggest shutting off your phone to appreciate the camping experience, but there are some instances in which a gadget might come in handy. Plenty of newer phones have global positioning systems and they are good to use during a hiking excursion.

Also, it’s also a great idea to keep your phone on you in case of an emergency. Regrettably, smartphones have inadequate batteries that only last for 4-12 hours contingent on usage. You can ensure that you’re phone’s ready when you need it by picking up a hand-cranked generator.

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