Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap

Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap

There is nothing more irritating than mosquitoes buzzing around you. It is frustrating to continually keep swatting at them, particularly if you are trying to enjoy a nice summer day or a good time with friends and family. To alleviate this issue, think about buying the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap.

The Mega-Catch line of mosquito traps is famous for its demonstrated effectiveness. Mega-Catch technology which is not only sturdy, but easy to operate and reliable. The complete line of Mega-Catch mosquito traps have heat signatures and LED lighting that work together to lure a infinite array of mosquito species.

This highly-efficient, state-of-the-art mosquito trap can lure mosquitoes and gnats from a range of 120 feet. Also, it works successfully in ¾ to one acre of land that is like a small to mid-size yard. Also called the “transformer trap,” the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap is very easy to use so that you can use it with just a push of a button.


The Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC features sophisticated, innovative technology. To lure mosquitoes, this product uses LED lighting and an infrared energy source. When united, they create invisible and visible lighting that attracts biting insects. Moreover, this product has the state-of-the-art mosquito-attracting stimuli settings, called MAS, which can be made to focus on a certain mosquito type.

Because of this, there are a huge number of diverse options for you to select when programming this mosquito trap. To get top results, it is going to take some experimenting with the different programs and settings before you get the one that will work the best for your home or business. You can use the high-speed fan or the wet catch container, which comes in five various speeds to get real catches into the catch net.

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