Essentials Kitchen Tools Needed for Healthy Cooking

Essentials Kitchen Tools Needed for Healthy Cooking

It’s time to put an end to using cookbooks as coasters and instead use them for their true purpose and this means new kitchen tools are in order.

Regardless if you want a kitchen remodel or living and cooking for yourself for the very first time, here are the essential kitchen tools you need to dine, wine, and entertain like a professional.

Chef’s Knife

One of the most multipurpose knives, a chef’s knife lets you to slice, mince, and chop without having to change knives. You’ll be like a pro. You want a stainless steel type to remain rust-free.

Cutting Board

The backbone of every kitchen, there aren’t a lot of dinners in which there wasn’t any chopping or cutting involved. This is where the cutting board comes in. While plastic ones are cheap, wooden ones are more hygienic since they don’t have holes for germs to get in. Also, they help keep your knives in top form.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Did the recipe call for a tablespoon or teaspoon of flour? Regardless, make sure you have measuring tools on hand for completing any recipe or portioning out serving sizes. You might be surprised at how much a cup really is.


Though it’s feasible to drain pasta using a pot lid, the outcome isn’t always desirable with pasta coming out of the lid. In its place, use a colander, which draws off water like a professional. Even better: colanders make it really easy to wash veggies and fruits. Buh-bye mushy pasta!

Kitchen Shears

This undervalued tool will swiftly become a fav. Used for everything from chopping veggies and herbs to cutting dried fruit and even meat, they make each kitchen chore that much simpler. Moreover, who wants scissors when you have kitchen shears?

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