DIY Emergency Earthquake Kits (Part I)

DIY Emergency Earthquake Kits (Part I)


Save money and assemble your own emergency kit with these crucial items.

Does your family have an emergency plan? You have to have a conversation with your loved ones about what you would do, where you would go and what you would need in the event of an earthquake. 

It’s a smart idea to have an emergency preparedness kit on hand should any natural disaster strike.

The Red Cross and the Center for Disease Control both have good guides on general preparedness and suggest storing enough water, food, and gear for three days per person in your household. If you’re beginning from scratch and want to put together your own kit, you can purchase ready-made packs online, however, those can be pricy at over $100 for only food and water for one person. 

With a trip to your local big box or even grocery store, you can scratch off all the vital items and save a lot of money by making your own DIY kit. For under $200, you can put together a kit that has water, food, aid, and gear for your family. You can follow the Red Cross and CDC guides as well as add additional items. Below is what should be in your pack.

Clean drinking water is an important part of any emergency kit.

Water Essentials

Should a disaster hit, you don’t want to chance drinking tap water as water lines could become corroded and contaminated. Store lots of purified, clean, water for cooking, drinking, and hygiene needs. You’ll have to have one gallon of water per person each day. 

Also, you’ll want to keep at least a three-day supply per person. If you must leave your home, it’s a great idea to pack water purifying tablets or on-the-go filter systems like LifeStraw. You can find these things in the camping section of a big box or camping store.

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