Carpentry Tools Needed for Beginners (Part II)

Carpentry Tools Needed for Beginners (Part II)


Claw Hammer

Another vital and crucial tool for carpenters is the claw hammer. We suggest a hammer 20 oz with steel handles as it lets in the right driving force and a good grip while using it. When using steel handle hammers, be sure they have a rubberized grip for good control and enhanced grip performance. Wood handles are alright if you are hitting a lot of nails but will make your hand sweat unless you are wearing safety gloves.

The sledgehammer is another sort of “hammer” that can go into this category. Remember to use a sledgehammer strong enough yet lightweight to finish your work to not be too tired from the weight of it.


Chisels are helpful for carpenters when they need to make clean cuts.

A solid chisel made of alloyed steel is necessary to do clean cuts. Chisels come in various sizes starting at 1/4 inch to 2 inches long. Chisels are used by woodworkers and carpenters for chipping out wood for door hinges and other precise woodworking jobs. Also, there are corner chisels that work as a hole punch, eliminating a part of wood with one hammer blow.

Remember to have the edges sharp and oiled so the chisel can last a long time. Wood handles are suggested, capped with metal, so they can endure the constant hammering and can last longer. Chisels are good for positioning prying deck boards before connecting them to the framing structure.

Work Bench

A workbench (sawhorse) is a very practical and convenient tool. A workbench is a carpenter’s best friend, letting you rest the piece of wood while you can work on it. Portable and lightweight workbenches are used very often in carpentry during door installation or framing, letting you make accurate cuts even when you are working all alone. The most sophisticated types are equipped with adjustable surfaces and clamps so you can move it around and fit almost any sort of wood.


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