Carpentry Tools for Beginners (Part I)

Carpentry Tools for Beginners (Part I)

One of the most traditional trades or roles in the construction sector is carpentry. Woodworking contractors or carpenters are necessary for almost every construction project. If you are wondering what tools are needed to carry out your work, keep reading.

This list not only tells you the tools that you need but also offers a brief description of these tools that carpenters use every day. As with any trade, carpenters may need several tools to do their work but this list gives the most crucial ones or the most used tools in a construction project.

Hand Saw

The irreplaceable yet reliable tool that gives many variations, but serves a common purpose. Carpenters desire hand saws because they can regulate the cut while giving a great finish. Because this tool has several variations, the hand saw is always a good tool to have with you. There is a traditional saw, hacksaw, coping saw, and rip saw and many others. Hand saws are not a replacement for power saws, but being the most simplistic one, it is helpful, not optional, to own. If you can, owning a power saw is a good idea, and a cordless one is even better. Power saws and hand saws are quite affordable too.

Tape Measures

A tape measure is one of the most needed tools.

Always useful and handy, all carpenters use a tape measure even for the smallest work. This is critical for having the correct dimensions for your project. Among the tape measures, be sure to use the most adequate one with the correct precision on it. There are multiple choices, such as electronic types, that can aid you in measuring your wood pieces. Be sure to have one with the choice of meters and feet since sometimes both systems are used in the drawing plans and on the project.



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