Best Switchblade for Personal Protection – The Stiletto

Best Switchblade for Personal Protection – The Stiletto

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A stiletto knife is an out-the-front knife in which the pocket knife has a blade that closes and opens from one end of the handle. This is different from the mass of pocket knives available. Most of them are either the usual folding knife or a fixed blade knife without any mechanical operation.

The knife’s blade is released by pressing a lever, button, or some other sort of mechanism. Once the lever or button is pressed, the blade comes out of the front of the handle by a spring or some other sort of tension device. To draw back in the blade, the button, lever etc. is pressed to let the blade slide back into the handle.

To better know the function and features of stiletto knives, here are a couple of the most common ones in the industry.

Schrade Viper 3 Black Blade, Black Handle

Among personal protection tool avocates, Schrade is known to create knives with functionality and durability. The Schrade Vipper 3 black blade, black handle is no exception. This personal protection tool is smartly designed, as well as having an affordable price. The 3.5 inch blade is made with 4036b stainless steel, one of the best grades in stainless steel. Also, it is spear pointed, double-edged, and comes out the front of the handle fast when needed.

Joker Assisted Stiletto Knife

This cheap, heavy-duty stiletto knife is named after the Joker in the “Batman” movies. The knife has encoded on the blade “Why So Serious?” and “Joker.” The blade on this folding knife comes out with assistance from the spring mechanism. To open, just touch the back of the 3.5 inch blade and it opens and fastens into place, due to a strong locking mechanism.

For personal protection and a tool that you can get to quickly when you need it, consider purchasing a stiletto knife.

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