Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow (Part III)

Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow (Part III)

This snow blower even keeps your hands warm.

Briggs & Stratton — 1696563

Top snow blower for wet snow if you want a heavy-duty model. This snow blower will get rid of wet heavy snow with ease.


  • Engineered to start strong 
  • Push-button electric beginning makes for fast and simple begins down to -20F
  • Free hand control provides one-handed operation of the snow blower, giving you a free hand to turn the chute, adjust the deflector or alter the speed
  • Steel dash panel with on-the-go dash mounted chute rotation and deflector controls
  • Integrated LED headlight offers supreme visibility in low light
  • Heated hand grips with an off/on switch allow your hands to stay warmer while moving away from the cold, wet snow
  • Sturdy steel frame and chute and notched steel auger can manage on ice and snow with ease
  • Dual-trigger steering does tight turns effort-free, just pull a trigger to free the right or left wheel to aid in making tight turns
  • Created for snow applications, big 16 in. x 5 in. tires will give you exceptional traction
  • Oversized controls often mitten-friendly operation

These are high-tech machines and have to work diligently through the winter. It’s critical that you purchase a snow blower that can endure the working conditions and that you’re sure to get necessary in the years to come. Plenty of the unknown brands will provide no support and a time will come when you need to rely on this.

With that being said, the Briggs & Stratton 1696563 as a more affordable choice when compared to other snow blowers. The vital stuff, such as the running gear and engine are of a high-quality standard and it is a reliable machine. Most of all, Briggs & Stratton is a well-known brand with a huge and trusted dealership network throughout North America.


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