Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow (Part I)

Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow (Part I)

If you get a lot of snow in the winter, a quality snow blower is essential. 

What’s the best snow blower for wet snow?

Craftsman 2-Stage GAS Snow Blower

Handling heavy, wet snow is no joke. If you reside in an area where you have to move big piles of wet snow, you probably know the significance of having the top snow blower for wet snow. Unavoidably, you’ll be wanting a two-stage snow blower, maybe a three-stage machine if you have a very big yard. Though for most domestic users, a two-stage snow blower should be okay for wet snow.

The further north you go, the more crucial it is to use a snowblower that can manage big drifts of snow and the likelihood that you’ll be getting rid of ice and wet snow is going to be great. This article is going to aid you in your search for a snowblower that will make living in an area with wet snow a little less disheartening.

Before reviewing the snow blowers, you need to have a clear idea of what is being referred to when talking about wet snow.

What is wet snow?

If comparing wet snow to dry snow, we’re observing the moisture content. Dry powdery snow is fluffy and light. This means it isn’t ideal for rolling snowballs or building snowmen. However, it is a lot simpler to move since dry snow is lighter than wet snow that has melted to a certain degree.

It’s basically about how much melting happens. The rule is, dry snow will be at a ratio that’s one part melted (wet) snow for every 10 parts dry snow. Essentially, 10% or less moisture content is dry snow. This would mean that for every five inches of dry snow, there will be around ½ an inch of water. Also, this can re-freeze to create a layer of ice which makes the job of eliminating it all the more difficult.

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