Best Kitchen Shears (Part III)

Best Kitchen Shears (Part III)


KitchenAid Classic Shears w/Soft Grip

These KitchenAid Shears with soft grip handles will be one of the most prized tools in your kitchen. You will find yourself using them for numerous short cuts and everyday jobs.

Regardless of what you’re making, a reliable pair of kitchen shears are essential.

Heavy-duty shears have a sharp stainless-steel blade and soft comfort grip handle. They are dishwasher safe and they are around 8-3/4 inch long.

Prime Kitchen SolutionsKitchen Shears

Regardless if you regularly cook poultry or chicken, chop up herbs, or desire some versatility with breaking down hard plastic or boxes, a good pair of kitchen shears is vital. This two-piece multifunction kitchen toolset that assists you in cutting bones, meat, crack nuts, and open bottles safely and efficiency.

Designed for the contemporary kitchen, these versatile shears make it way easier to slice, cut, and dice thanks to high-sharp blades and a smarter, more ergonomic design. Easy to handle with either hand, offering supreme leverage while cutting.


J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears

Possesses top-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Micro-serrated blade edge provides slip-proof cutting. Center area between blade and handle opens bottle caps. The serrated area in the handle can be used as a nutcracker or open screw caps with ease.

There is a manufacturer warranty that comes with this tool. Although it is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended. Also, there are no-stain steel blades. The micro-serrated blade offers slip-proof cutting.

OXO Good Grips Kitchen Shears

OXO GOOD GRIPS Kitchen and Herb Scissors are a tool you’ll frequently want within reach, perfect for cutting twine, cardboard, flowers, veggies, meat, and more. Comfortable, soft-grip has cushion pads that handle any pressure while you cut. Use the herb stripper over the handles to swiftly remove fresh herbs from tough stems.

A durable micro-serrated blade grips items securely and stops slipping. For easy cleaning, just separate the blades. Hand wash with soapy, warm water and dry.

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