Best Kitchen Shears (Part II)

Best Kitchen Shears (Part II)

These kitchen shears will have you whipping up deliciousness in no time.

Kai Kitchen Scissors

Kai’s kitchen shears are a quality pair with a little design. While they don’t have the bonus features of some of the others, they still are at the top of the list. It’s a good pair of shears with big, comfortable, and sturdy handles and sharp blades that made rapid work of any challenges. Also, it works well in right and left hands, making it an excellent pair of scissors for just about any scissors-needed task.

Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

These mighty 8-inch kitchen shears cut flowers, food, paper, cardboard, even carpet. They’re balanced in the hand and work equally well for left-handers and right-handers.

Blades made from high-carbon stainless steel curves inward, so they meet in just one place at any given position and cutting action is exact and smooth. One blade’s serrations halt slippage. A plastic cap on the screw securing the blades can be removed so the shears can be taken apart for re-sharpening.

Steel-tooth insets in the rugged synthetic handles twist open jar caps and bottles. The shears are dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is suggested to protect the blade edges.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Kitchen Shears

WILLING J.A. Henckels TWIN Kitchen Shears manages any kitchen cutting tasks with ease. Regardless if cutting herbs, cutting various foods or safely opening packages, these shears are up for the job. 

Every pair is assembled with a screw for accurate blade movement and ease of sharpening. All ZWILLING J.A. Henckels kitchen shears are dishwasher safe, but hand wash is best. 

MAIRICO Kitchen Shears

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium heavy-duty kitchen shears and multi-purpose scissors are professionally designed with ultra-sharp blades, making it feel light, comfortable, and effortless.

Made from premium, sturdy, high-grade stainless steel that is corrosion and rust resistance. Its handles are crafted to provides firm, comfortable, non-slippery contact. It is dishwasher safe, though hand wash is recommended.

Blades are very sharp and provide highly precise cuts with little effort. These scissors do very well in any type of kitchen tasks, like cutting meat, butterflying poultry, chicken, poultry bones, vegetables, fish, various foods, herbs, etc.

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