Best Kitchen Shears (Part I)

Best Kitchen Shears (Part I)

A good pair of scissors can make all the difference in the kitchen. 

A great pair of kitchen shears is one of those tools that seems to get used for a huge number of purposes and should be included in any standard kitchen setup.

An amazingly useful tool, they’re a bit like the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen. People like to use them to open plastic food packaging, or they end up doing other routine household duties more frequently than not.

Did You Know:

Food shears are frequently used in many eating spaces to cut up herbs, proteins, and smaller vegetables? Your stir fry at the restaurant was most likely chopped up with a combination of kitchen shears and cleavers. 

A good pair of kitchen shears should be, first and foremost, a good pair of scissors. They have to cut paper, regardless if it is parchment or aluminum with the ease of a razor. They have to go through stubborn plastic packaging before you give up all hope and try to rip at it with your teeth. They must be accurate and deft, staying on track as you slide or snip them across an unfurled roll of wrapping paper.

Beyond that, they have to be equally skilled at kitchen-specific tasks. They must crack through poultry bones without getting stuck. They should for small birds, for larger ones, such as turkeys. To complete your set of kitchen tools, buy yourself some good poultry shears. They must be able to cut delicate herbs and lettuces without juicing them in the process. 

Shun Multi-Purpose Shears

Shun’s Multi-Purpose Shears are the Swiss Army knife of kitchen scissors, possessing a bottle opener, jar-lid lifter, jar-lid opener, flathead screwdriver heads, a nutcracker, and a bone notcher. This isn’t the only pair of shears on the market to have those features, but it’s the one that is one of the toughest. 

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