Best Hair Shears (Part III)

 Best Hair Shears (Part III)

These shears will last you a while. 

Saki Katana Japanese Hair Scissors Set

The Saki Katana Hair Scissor is crafted from durable Japanese 440C stainless steel coated with a 1.5 um black titanium coating, delivering a pair of sturdy, yet light shears which are made to last. The long crane handle makes using the shears very comfy, and it stops fatigue from getting in the hands, shoulders, or wrists.

The shears link hollow-ground and triple-honed blades to give a cleaner and sharper cut. The convex blade is made for slide cutting, but you can also use it bluntly too. You can use the shears on both dry and wet hair with excellent results.

The Saki Katana shears can be used by both amateurs and professionals. If you’re interested in keeping your hair or beard in a good fashion, wielding these shears will be of great assistance. 

Suvorna 5.5” Precision Japanese Barber Scissors

Suvorna’s 5.5” precision shears are the correct tools for the job if you’re a stylist or barber. With millions of customers around the world, Suvorna is one of the most well-known barber tools in the world.

The shears have a convex razor edge that works great with the hollow ground blades and cut the hair without pushing or bending it, so each cut you do will be done with precision. 

This tool is crafted out of a single slab of high-quality J2 Japanese 420 stainless steel. This steel grade is quite durable and hard, maintaining its edge for a long time. These scissors aren’t just a tool. They are an investment. 

One of the good things about picking this model is that it has a lifetime warranty. Each pair of scissors has to be through a number of tests before it goes on sale, so it benefits from a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

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