Best Hair Shears (Part II)

Best Hair Shears (Part II)

These shears will help you achieve the best cuts for your clients.

John Longlasting Professional Shears

When you decide to earn your living by cutting hair, you know you must invest in the right tools for the job. Regardless if its hair clippers, thinning scissors, or the hair cutting shears, everything has to be top-quality. If you use subpar tools, they may break quicker than you think, inconveniencing your clients.

The professional hair cutting shears created by John will cut hair smoothly without pulling or ripping it. They have razor-like sharp blades that will cut through the thickest hair effortlessly.

These shears are made out of top-quality Japanese ATS314 alloy which is steel and cobalt. This alloy has a lifespan three times longer than standard stainless steel, so you will be able to use the shears for a very long time.

All the shears are hand sharpened by a pro and all of them are individually inspected before they are shipped. You can be sure that only the best models will reach you.

These shears come with a warranty and free service period. During this time, you can have the shears sharpened for free, but you probably won’t have to.

Got Glamour Cobalt Molybdenum Hair Cutting Scissors

There’s nothing like the feeling of doing something right. But to do anything right, you have to have the right tool. If you’re interested in hair styling, whether you’re a barber, student, or a stylist, the Got Glamour cutting scissor is the right tool for you. 

One of the issues most folks, even the professionals, come across when searching for a new pair of hairdressing scissors is the amount of Japanese steel most manufacturers currently use. You don’t realize which type is better than the other, or why. You don’t know which is the more durable one and which one will maintain its edge for longer.

A great thing about these scissors is that you can use them for hours and not get any fatigue in your arms, wrists, and shoulders. The custom-made offset grip has a removable rubber insert and a finger rest to aid in relieving any stress. 


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