Best Hair Shears (Part I)

Best Hair Shears (Part I)

If you cut or style hair then you need a good set of shears.

Haircutting shears are the most critical tools you use when you’re a stylist, hairdresser, or a barber. If you have good shears, you can work, regardless of how hairstyles change or what the present fashions demand.

However, do you understand that the handle is as vital as the blades if you have to use a pair of shears for long?

A good blade may cut the hair quicker, but a good handle will let you cut hair in a comfortable position, so you will be able to move more efficiently and faster.

This article lists the best hair shears. After reading these reviews, you’ll be able to find the right pair for your needs.

Professional Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Set

ShearGuru’s professional scissor set is one of the top sets currently available on the market. The set is crafted straight edge scissors and a pair of thinning shears. Both shears come in a stylish faux leather case for maneuverability and storage.

The shears are hand sharpened and come with a specially designed Culton tension screw, so they will cut for longer than their peers.

One of the benefits of selecting ShearGuru is that they develop their products alongside pros, so you can be sure that you have quality. These shears are designed for long handling, so you can cut hair all day without having fatigue in your shoulders or hands.

Cricket Roc-It Dog Shear R 575

Regardless if you’re a stylist, a student, or a barber, the Centrix Roc-it R 575 makes an excellent addition to your cutting tools. These shears offer the cutting tools you need to express your creativity and skills. 

The Roc-it shears are precision cast, meaning that the metals are melted at very high temps and then they’re blended to make the special alloy which is then poured into a handcrafted mold.

When the components are taken out of the mold, they are polished, sharpened, and honed by hand to obtain a precise and sure edge. The shears have a removable finger rest, a low-stress offset grip, and a custom tension modifier knob.

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