Best Bike Repair Kits (Part II)

Best Bike Repair Kits (Part II)

There’s no limit to where your bike can take you as long as you have the tools and knowledge to fix it when the unexpected happens.

Park Tool PK-3 Tool Set- Best for the Pro Mechanics

Park Tool is the name to know when it comes to bike tools. The name itself is all about top quality and professionalism. Walk into any local bike shops and chances are you’ll see a Park Tool toolset in their workshop.

The PK-3 is Park Tool’s professional range of toolset with over 65 different sets of tools available. These wide ranges of tools will get you through most of the more serious bike maintenance and repair jobs on all bike types. It even has a Cyclone Chain Scrubber. 

Best of all, all these tools can be put away in a carry box, which is about the size of your standard toolbox in the garage. So, if you’re after the best quality and wide range of bike tools, look no further than this one.

Park Tool BMK-264 Master Tool Set- Best for Workshop Use

If you see your local bike shop’s workshop having a huge white wall with all the tools in order, chances are they’re the Park Tool BMK-264 toolset.

This is the queen of all bike repair kits. It has all that you need for a bike workshop. There are cone wrenches of different sizes, Allen keys, Torx keys, chain splitter, spoke wrenches, cable cutter, fixtures, and fittings, chain lubes, gauges and different accessories to go with it. 

They’ll really make your workshop look like a professional. The quantity and quality of the tools available need to be combined with the knowledge and skills to use them properly.

Make no mistake, it does come with a huge price tag.

But with the wide range of tools available and their quality, it’s a good investment particularly if you’re planning to run your own bike workshop.

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