Best Bike Repair Kits (Part I)

Best Bike Repair Kits (Part I)

Every cyclist needs a good bike repair kit.

Here’s something you’ll see at a cyclist’s home. They possess their own set of bicycle tools.

When it comes to bicycle maintenance and repair, you don’t always have to take your bike to the mechanic. At times, you’ll be better off fixing it yourself at home. There are numerous videos on YouTube to lead you through if you’re a newbie. 

If you’re new, you may want to think about getting individual bike tools to perform basic tasks such as replacing the cassette/chain and adjusting the brakes or derailleurs. But if you’re very handy with the wrenches and possess solid bike repair knowledge, then you may want to think about purchasing a complete bike tool kit.

Here are some of the best bike tool kits in the industry.

Best Value for Money – BikeHand Bike Tool Set

Bikehand is a Taiwanese bike tools brand which was established in 1988. They make some of the best value for your buck when it comes to bike tools and this tool kit is one of them.

It’s ideally suited for the sometimes home mechanic. It comes with a very extensive range of repair tools for basically all you need for basic bike maintenance and repair tasks at home.

It’s good for putting together new big box store bikes or doing basic maintenance on both adult and kids’ bikes, regardless if it is a commuter bike, road bike, or mountain bike. There are tools for you to work on the brakes, tires, bottom brackets, clipless pedals, chain, and cassette.

Additionally, this toolset includes a hard-plastic case with separate compartments to put in order all the tools, so you don’t lose them.

If you’ve begun to try being a home bike mechanic, the Bikehand Tool Kit is a good starting point with its low-cost pricing.

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